We’re back!

25 Aug

We’ll begin to post soon (after we get momma back to bloggin’ for us) about what’s been going on with us the past year since we last made a blog entry.  It seems absurd it’s been a year since we last were here – yikes!  More to come.

XOXO, Darcy & Bailey


Foto Friday (for July 9)

14 Jul

Momma has been gone for a week, she went back to Oklahoma to pretend like she's a college girl again - something about a sorority reunion. In the meantime, we were stuck at home with daddy. He took us on walks, see. Photo taken 7/9/10 by daddy

Foto Friday – 2 for 1 special

2 Jul

So I got a haircut 2 weeks ago. And naturally, I'm a happy girl. But I'm not a girly-girl. So what the HECK is this bow doin' in my hair? I know momma loves orange, but this is ridiculous! Photo taken 6/18/10 by momma

Ohhhhhh bother, look at me! Terriers are NOT supposed to be treated this way! Okay, seriously momma - I've had quite ENOUGH of this bow! Yeah, yeah - I'm cute. We all know this. Does this stupid thing on my head have to be documented for all of eternity? Photo taken 6/18/10 by momma

Foto Friday (officially caught up and on time)

25 Jun

Where are we going? We love to go on car rides, especially when a walk is involved! Photo taken 5/15/10 by momma

Foto Friday (make up for 6/18/10)

24 Jun

So here are the little girl visitors from Oklahoma that my brother spoke of in the previous Foto Friday make up post. It was me versus the little girls. I wasn't so sure of them and insisted on supervising their every move. I then had a little girl hangover for 2 days straight after they left. Photo taken 6/19/10 by momma

Foto Friday (make up for 6/11/10)

23 Jun

We were both given baths in preparation of the little girl visitors (and their parents) who came to stay at our house 2 weekends ago. I'm not real happy that momma caught me in one of my most inopportune moments. Photo taken 6/19/10 by momma (unfortunately).

Foto Friday (make up for 6/4/10)

22 Jun

I love to sleep with my daddy on his favorite blanket. Photo taken 5/13/10 by momma