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Foto Friday (a day late)

29 Oct

Hey everybody!  Momma was out late last night for a work function and couldn’t help me blog last night to tell you…. YESTERDAY WAS MY 5 YEAR GOTCHA DAY!  It was unfortunately my 3rd gotcha day, but it was my LAST gotcha day.  Momma & daddy said they aren’t giving me up like the previous 2 families I was with.  Read more about my story (and see my scrag-a-muffin photo on my 3rd and final gotcha day).  Momma made a big deal about it and cuddled and smooched on me when she got home last night.  xoxo, Bailey

No photos please! photo taken September 2011 by momma


Foto Friday – an oldie, but such a goody!

21 Oct

I was just a teen-aged pup, but I remember how snuggly and wonderfully comfy I was. Photo taken 8/29/2005 by momma